Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering

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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Three-Axis Flight Motion Simulator

Control System for Three-Axis Turntable Based on Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

Research of CAE in Three-Axis Turntable Frames System

Disturbance Observer Based Robust Tracking Control of HighPrecision Flight Simulator

Mechanical-Electronic Co-Simulation for Remote Weapon Station Based on ADAMS and MATLAB

Design of Servo Control System for Three-axis Turntable Based on Programmable Multi-axis Controller

Design on Position Control in the Turntable System Based on Fuzzy Self-tuning PID

Modeling and Decoupling for a Real-time Flight Replaying Simulator

Optimal Neuro-sliding Mode Position Control for Direct-drive Rotary Table Servo System

Design of an Electro-Hydraulic Control System Based on PLC

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