Experimental Research on Polycarboxylic Slump-retaining Admixture



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Title: Experimental Research on Polycarboxylic Slump-retaining Admixture

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Adopting methyl allyl polyoxyethylene ether(TPEG)and unsaturated carboxylic acid throught REDOX system synthetize the polycarboxylic slump-retaining admixture.The impact factors were researched of temperature,reaction time,acid alcohol ratio,dosage of initiator and molecular regulator to the polycarboxylic superplasticizer with slump retaining.In the circumstance of n(AA)∶n(Itaconic acid)∶n(Thioglycolic acid)∶n(TPEG)=1.7∶0.23∶0.005∶1,m(initiator)∶m(TPEG)=0.20%,reaction time is 4hand temperaure is 45℃,the admixture has the best performance.


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