Migratory career contingencies of elite level soccer coaching talent



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Title:  Migratory career contingencies of elite level soccer coaching talent

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Various typological classifications have been used to help categorize migratory movement of sporting labour. Despite maintaining their academic genealogical significance a fluctuating landscape of migrant recruitment policy and practice has limited the usefulness of many migratory movement typological classifications. Whilst contractual tenures vary, it is possible to suggest that although the majority of current coaching talent movement is pan-European and short term, an increasingly globalized trend is becoming more apparent. In highlighting the mobility patterns exhibited by high-profile coaching talent, the data presented also identify a developing, mutually advantageous proclivity to periodically move beyond birth nations. More importantly, this research explores how seamless cross-cultural occupational subculture mobility can resurrect, sustain or enhance football coaching careers. Whether mobility is financially or career enhancement-motivated circulation between many of the world’s best teams underlines a growing willingness amongst contemporary coaching talent to test their capabilities in both familiar and unfamiliar geographical and cultural environments.


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